Supporting Up & Coming Filmmakers

by Cole Weinstein, on Jun 23, 2021 6:33:35 PM

iNDIEFLIX is proud to support up and coming filmmakers, especially the less heard voices of marginalized communities. We are honored to share their stories on the platform. Here are a few recently released films and series on iNDIEFLIX and the creators behind the work. 

Let's Love, Directed by Dorn Bouttasing


Let's Love tells the story of Mai, a young Laotian lesbian struggling to find acceptance and love in a socially conservative society that is not open to her sexual orientation. 
Watch here.


And the Brave Shall Rise, Directed by Adam Schlachter


In the wake of the high school shootings in Parkland, Florida, concerned citizens travel by bus to the State Capitol to debate legislators about an urgent issue: Gun Reform. One of them, a stay-at-home mom, runs for office in honor of her son.
Watch here. 


Flowers, Directed, Produced, Written by Sabina Sattar


A boy falls in love with a deaf and mute girl. When the boy tries to give the girl some flowers as a token of his affection, he discovers to his dismay that the girl is allergic to all flowers. Undaunted, the boy has to think creatively, to get his passion across.
Watch here.


SPLIT, Created by Yael Shavitt


After auditioning for her dream school, 13-year-old Sammy makes a crucial choice that splits the path of her life in two.
Watch here