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What is IndieFlix?

IndieFlix Group Inc is an American entertainment company offering global screening and streaming services that promote and support social impact films to create positive change in the world. IndieFlix's screening service books offline community screenings in schools, corporations and communities around the world. While IndieFlix's streaming service offers a monthly subscription based service to access thousands of high-quality shorts, features, documentaries, and series from 85 countries, thousands of film festivals and the top film schools.

1. We stream worldwide.

With IndieFlix Streaming, you reach a global audience. We also have the ability to geoblock, so if you have a need to restrict access in a specific region, we can work with you.

2. We're non-exclusive.

You're not locked in and are always free to explore additional outlets.

We recently changed our backend infrastructure and filmmakers no longer have 24/7 access to their dashboard to see minutes watched of their films. We will now be sending out quarterly reports 45 days after the quarter ends for minutes watched. Royalty checks are issued within 90 business days after the quarter ends provided the minimum threshold of $1 per quarter is met. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or call 323 940-3549 be sure to include your email when leaving a message.

How you earn money

IndieFlix pioneered a revenue sharing system called RPM or Revenue Per Minute which pays filmmakers for every minute their movie is watched.

Each quarter, we set aside 50% of IndieFlix’s net subscription revenue for filmmakers. That revenue divided by the total number of minutes watched across all IndieFlix Streaming apps, determines the per-minute valuation. Each filmmaker is then paid the per minute valuation for every minute their film has been watched provided a minimum threshold of $1 U.S. dollars is met each quarter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at or call 323-940-3549.

Submit Your Content

We want to see your movies! We accept content in all lengths and genres from anywhere in the world.

Submit Your Content

All submitted content goes through a submission review before it's accepted. IndieFlix focuses on content for a purpose. We like docs, narratives, TV, shorts and features from anywhere in the world. Our primary goal is edutainment. We want to start conversations with the content we represent. If you think your content fits that description please submit. Thank you. Our current wait time to assess submissions is approximately 2-3 weeks. There are a lot of great new movies coming in to review! We thank you in advance for your patience. We are excited to see your work!

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