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RACE Filming

Supporting stories and mental health programs that improve the human condition.


Foundation Initiatives


To support the production and distribution of stories that inspire social change and positive action, especially where young people and women are involved. Our goal is to inspire thoughtful positive change within minutes of viewing and to offer a path forward by providing resources for discussion, and tools to create, balance, human connection and long lasting impact. We produce our own films but will also support other filmmakers with a great idea and the drive to create positive social impact through film


Working with partners, we subsidize the cost of film screenings for underserved communities. Since 2011, IndieFlix Foundation has helped us to provide subsidized or free screenings across entire school districts as well as individual screenings. In 2021, we will integrate 8-week SEL curricula to support each of the films in our Mental Health Trilogy, and welcome support in making them available to those in need.

Our Films: RACE In Production

Filming started for RACE in October 2020. Click here to watch the trailer and learn more, and here to help fund our production costs. Schools and communities have been crying out for this film, the events of 2020 have once again shown that deep community understanding and conversation on race is essential for us to move forward as a more equitable society. The evidence that systemic and unconscious racism creates profound trauma and mental health effects in unimpeachable, so this is a natural continuation of iNDIEFLIX's Mental Health Trilogy.  RACE will use the tried and tested iNDIEFLIX format of in depth, personal interviews and stories, combined with data and insights from experts, opening us up to the understanding, honesty and empathy needed to start the conversation. 

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Our Films: Screening Now

Our Impact 

We believe that stories are a powerful tool for creating change. Our initiatives are guided by three principles:

  1. Supporting Stories
  2. Enhance and Measure the Impact of Powerful Film Program Experiences
  3. Increase Access to Year-long Film Programs and curricula
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Join iNDIEFLIX Foundation to address mental health, resilience, and kindness. Your gift provides communities with programming that sparks important conversations and provides tools and resources to keep those conversations going.