Podcasts for 2021 Mental Health

by Gerry Waters, on Jan 4, 2021 12:35:57 PM

Happy New Year! I think that all of us waved goodbye to 2020 with a sense of great relief - surely thing are going to get better, and at least somewhat back to 'normal' to 2021? But set against the promise of vaccination relief is the knowledge that it's going to be the same-old story for at least the next 2-3 months. Plus, it's January - ugh. Back to school, back to work, dark mornings, cold nights. To help out a little bit, we've put together some of our favorite mental health podcasts. Starting with two that are perfect for teenagers, the list has something for everyone, from great ways to shift the mindset to focusing on the positive, to frank discussions on how others have coped with a huge range of mental health issues. Just click on the images to access the podcasts. We hope you find one or two that are perfect for you, and wish you a happy and healthy new year.

image06Teenager Therapy

Five stressed, sleep deprived yet energetic teens sit down and talk about the various struggles that come with being a teenager. In authentic, open discussions, the group often takes suggestions from viewers on topics that they are interested in, or too scared to raise with their parents or friends. It’s given a lot of valuable advice to teens who are struggling, and helped many feel more comfortable with just being who they are, and that their struggles are totally normal.

1200x1200bbThe Teen Life Coach

Focused on teen girls, these short podcasts (perfect for driving to & from sports practice) cover relatable topics, from tips for dealing with anxiety to surviving the pandemic or going back to school. Uplifting, empathetic and calming, it’s an easy and quick resource for a teen girl to slot into her day


LatinX Therapy

Hosted by Adriana Alejandre, LMFT, LatinX Therapy is a weekly podcast that discusses mental health topics related to the Latinx community. With interview-formatted episodes featuring mental health professionals, writers, entertainment figures, and more, this show is successfully demystifying all the stereotypes and stigmas associated with mental health in Latin culture. And, true to its audience, episodes air in both English and Spanish.

512-1Mentally Yours

A conversational podcast hosted by English journalists Yvette and Ellen, who touch on some of the deeper issues most people are afraid to discuss via chats with guests who open up about their own mental health journeys. Warm, accessible and comforting, with a huge number of subjects covered, from specific mental health issues to bullying, how to be kind and sleep. 


The Struggle Bus

Hosted by best friends Katherine Heller and Sally Tamarkin, The Struggle Bus podcast is a bi-weekly show that answers listeners’ questions “about mental health, self-care, and just getting through the day. Listen for laughs, actionable tips, and relatable anecdotes about mental health and emotional wellbeing. The last episode has just aired, but there's a 6-year content library that covers pretty much everything you could think of.

Celeste-the-therapist-mental-health-podcasts-1Celeste the Therapist

Celeste is a therapist from Boston (LMHC), and her goal is to help listeners escape negative thought cycles and shift the way they think for the long-term. She believes perspective is everything, and that sometimes we just need someone to help us shift our view, to help clear the lens. This twice-weekly podcast combines interviews with empowering messages and practical tips for overcoming mental hurdles—because therapy is not always accessible, and sometimes a podcast may be the only option.

scaled_The+Happiness+Logo+RGBThe Happiness Lab

A podcast that re-examines what really makes us happy. Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos takes us through the latest scientific research and shares some surprising and inspiring stories that will forever alter the way we think about happiness. Absorbing, practical and fun, these lectures are based on her Yale course - “Psychology and the Good Life.” the most popular and over-subscribed course of all time.

the-one-you-feed-mental-health-podcasts-1The One you Feed

Providing practical wisdom for a better life, The One You Feed provides weekly open-minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy and motivation

The-Lavendaire-Lifestyle-mental-health-Podcast-1The Lavendaire Lifestyle

The Lavendaire Lifestyle combines an empathetic tone, knowledgeable guests, and conversations about mental wellbeing. Hosted by Aileen Xu, this podcast is both intimate and inspiring, highlighting the small steps that can easily be taken towards better mental health. A noteworthy highlight is episode 162, where the teens from Teenager Therapy talk about taking control of their mental health

Podcasts+About+Mental+Health+-+The+Hardcore+Self+Help+Podcast+with+Duff+the+PsychThe Hardcore Self-Help Podcast

Robert Duff (aka Duff the Psych) is a psychologist, author, and host of The Hardcore Self Help Podcast, a wildly popular show dedicated to answering common and not-so-common questions about anxiety and depression. Episodes range in content and include everything from interviews with other professionals to practical self-care advice. This show is one of our favorites for easy-to-digest expert advice—you won’t hear any psychobabble or elitist jargon here.