October Watchlist: Some of Our Favorite Spooky Films!

by Cicely Hunscher, on Oct 13, 2022 10:43:23 AM

Happy October! With October being one of the spookier months, we've compiled a list of our favorite spooky picks available to stream on iNDIEFLIX. Don't forget to also check out our "October Channel" to view a wider range of Halloween specials, staff favorites, and other fall streaming picks.

The Curse of the Unkissable Kid 


A bullied kid drinks a magical potion before reading the fine print: experience true love's kiss before time runs out, or disappear forever. 

Enterrada En Vida (Buried Alive) 


Lorena is locked in what appears to be a coffin. Her feet are tied with a belt and she has very limited space to move. Fear seizes her as she struggles to cut loose. 

The Lost Thing 


A boy finds a strange creature on a beach, and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to pay attention to. 

Boy on the Bridge 


In a Cypriot village, twelve-year-old Socrates' careless summer days come to an end when he finds himself at the center of a murder investigation. 

The Black Case 


In this haunting short drama, an eight-year-old girl and her infant cousin endure a traumatic experience while quarantined in the infirmary of a residential school. 

The End of Pinky 

the end of pinky

The End of Pinky revolves around three fallen angels seeking companionship and humanity in the shadows of the Red-Light District, in a magically realized Montreal.  


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