Movies That Matter: Bullying Prevention Month Watchlist

by Cicely Hunscher, on Oct 2, 2023 2:18:49 PM

With October being Bullying Prevention Month, we've handpicked a special watchlist of notable films that address themes of bullying, belonging, and the power of positive connection. Each film sheds light on the impact of bullying while showcasing stories of resilience, empathy, and the transformative power of unity. 

Get ready to be inspired by these cinematic pieces that encourage us all to stand up against bullying behavior and foster a culture of inclusion and kindness! 

The Missing Piece 

Jonathan takes on a mission to not be a loner anymore and make friends. But will he ever find his missing piece? Watch to find out! 

You Are Not Alone

Enter the gripping world of a young girl torn between loyalty and truth as she battles the emotional strain of having a drug-addicted mother.


Yardbird tells the story of how powerful the mind is and how it's stronger than a bully and their muscles. 

Kipuka: An Anti-Bullying Project 

Kipuka is a compelling anti-bullying project by T-Shirt Theatre, based in Oahu, Hawaii, that addresses bullying, cyberbullying, and teen suicide prevention through student-written and performed performances. 

Girls' Encounter

Experience the captivating journey of Miyuri, a girl silenced by bullying at school who seeks solace in her silkworm companion, Tsmugi. 

The Melancholy Man

The world's saddest man meets the world's saddest woman. 

Fade Away 

After being released from a treatment center, a teenage kid realizes that everyone comes in contact with quickly fades away. The youth from the Hillsides Agency created this film to express how alone, invisible, and voiceless they feel in the foster care system and encourage participation in the lives of foster youth. 


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The Curse of the Unkissable Kid 

A bullied kid drinks a magical potion before reading the fine print: experience true love's kiss before time runs out, or disappears forever. But finding that kiss becomes more of a challenge than he anticipates.