Feel-Good Films to Warm You Up This Winter!

by Cicely Hunscher, on Dec 13, 2023 11:25:59 AM

Escape the chilly weather and immerse yourself in a collection of captivating films that are guaranteed to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. At iNDIEFLIX, we’ve carefully curated a winter watchlist that will transport you to magical worlds and evoke a sense of joy and happiness, right in time for the holidays! 

Here are a few gems from our collection: 

The Narrator (10m 38s) - 

In the thought-provoking film "The Narrator,”, a depressed employee navigates their office job with a personal narrator who vocalizes their every thought. This unique concept explores mental health in the workplace and offers an engaging viewing experience. 

The Narrator

How to Love You (14m 35s) - 

In a heartfelt story, an Asian mother grapples with discovering her daughter's sexuality and the journey to acceptance. This poignant narrative explores themes of identity, family dynamics, and unconditional love. Get ready to be moved by this emotional tale.

How to Love You


Old Windows - (18m 37s)

In the captivating story of a struggling dreamer, her family business hangs in the balance. But everything changes when a mysterious customer unveils shocking truths about her seemingly ordinary life, uncovering deep family dynamics and a tragic past. This is a transformative tale of resilience and unexpected connections. 

Old Windows

Ashes, Wood, and Stardust (20m 8s) - 

In a whimsical tale, Mr. Bulisch immerses himself in woodworking, beekeeping, and joyrides in his quirky car. Amidst these activities, he contemplates profound existential questions: "Where do we come from? Where do we go? How do we want to die?" Join Mr. Bulisch on his journey of self-discovery as he finds answers to life's biggest mysteries. 

Ashes Wood and Stardust

Warm Beer, Lousy Food - (49m 47s

Discover the captivating story of Brooklyn's Crazy Country Club, America's pioneering comedy club, in the documentary "Warm Beer Lousy Food." Experience the eccentric world crafted by its founder, Lou Burdo. This nostalgic film showcases rare footage spanning almost 50 years, with heartfelt testimonials from the club's founder, staff, and devoted patrons. 

warm beer lousy food

We hope you enjoy these heartwarming films! If you're looking for more captivating content, be sure to explore iNDIEFLIX. With a diverse range of movies and shows, iNDIEFLIX offers an extraordinary selection that will keep you entertained and inspired all winter long!