Feel Good Films for the Summer

by Cicely Hunscher, on May 24, 2022 1:20:57 PM

Since June and the official start to summer vacation is right around the corner, we wanted to provide some inspiring, feel-good, and educational films to entertain you for the start of summer. These films explore topics like youth, falling in love and the loss of love, marriage, LGBTQ+ rights, friendship, and connection. In order to provide you with a diverse and interesting watch list, we have selected a wide variety of films. Some are short while others are long, we have films, documentaries and self filmed tapes, as well as films covering many different yet connected topics. We hope you enjoy this curated summer watch list and feel free to check out other fun films on our streaming site by visiting us at iNDIEFLIX Streaming

The first film in our June watchlist is titled 20 Years Old. This film explores all the joys and uncertainties that come about in a young woman's life. The woman featured in the film is 20 years old, hence the title, 20 Years Old.  


Our next film recommendation is called American RomanceAmerican Romance is a series of interwoven interviews featuring real and authentic couples in New York. This movie is extremely sentimental, informative, and deep. It really allows the viewer to dive deep into the personal intricacies of someone else's relationship. In this deep space, we can all learn so much about ourselves and relationships with others. In this films, each couple goes explores what they believe to be special about their specific and unique love for one another. Gathered from this film, through the interviews within the film, and also through listening to personal stories and anecdotes, viewers have a better understanding of why love, and the shared need for meaningful human connection are the unifying bonds we all have in common. 


Our third movie recommendation is a powerful documentary about chocolate. Chocolate? You heard that right! Elisha and the Cacao Trees is a film that shows the important link chocolate creates between Belize and North American kids. In Elisha and the Cacao Trees, we meet 13-year-old Elisha, who is the daughter of a cacao farmer in Belize. Through beautiful cinematography, and real-life day to day experiences like growing, harvesting, and creating chocolate, we learn about Elisha's life, her dreams, and what her hopes for her own future. 

elishaDo you want to watch an amazing documentary about a couple getting married? If your answer was yes, check out one of the newest films to be added to our streaming site called Babi & Elvis. Babi is going to marry Elvis at Fernando's Bar. This short documentary style film is about Babi, a Brazilian trans woman getting married. The wedding not only signifies love, but it's also a ceremony that symbolizes an achievement of diversity. 


Love and all the feelings that come with that emotion are unarguably powerful. If you are at all interested in how others feel when they fall in love, how individuals deal with these emotions, or anything else to do with new love for that matter, 1 Mes y 2 Días is the perfect film for you! This film consists highlights one person as they document their feelings since falling deeply in love through showing their daily life for one month and two days, hence the name, 1 Mes y 2 Días


Our final film in this watchlist is titled, Apartment 5 1/2. In this film, a girl named Shao Qui has painted paintings with her brother Shao Kai since they were very young. Tragically, her brother commits suicide and dies. Despite the two of them being close, she is still so unaware of many hidden secrets in her brother's private life. Due to her brother's death, Shao Qui is forced to live with her brother's male lover, Fang Zhou. Through the death of her brother, and her new living situation, Shao Qui is faced with new challenges. Through Fang Zhou, her late brother's lover, and a powerful Chinese proverb, Shao Qui learns a valuable lesson. "The love of the house extends even to the crows perching on the roof." Watch Apartment 5 1/2 to learn how this proverb changed Shao Qui's life forever! 

apartment 5.5

That's all for now! We will see you in the July watchlist so keep your eyes peeled.