RACE - News from the road

by Gerry Waters, on Jul 6, 2021 8:43:30 AM


We're full steam ahead on production of RACE! Thanks to the marvels of technology, iNDIEFLIX CEO and filmmaker Scilla Andreen has been filming around the world over the past two weeks, from Hong Kong to London, and back to San Francisco. As well as filming in person wherever possible, Scilla had been partnering with fantastic local production companies in other countries, enabling her to interview via monitors that are set up right next to the camera

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In the last two weeks, Scilla has interviewed many students from an international school in Hong Kong, and young people  from London...

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...experts from The Center for Mental Health and The Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families in London, and  from Common Sense Media on the West Coast, as well as educators and parents.

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The enormity and complexity of a film about race and racism means that Scilla and the team are continually learning, understanding more and adapting so that the following interview goes even deeper. What has become clear is that one 50 minute documentary is not nearly enough to do justice to the stories, the issues, the ways we can all change and RACE's different audiences. Thus, as we film, we are working on three different but related film versions for community screening - one for adults, one for middle and high school students and one for elementary-aged children.

Each film will address:

Definitions: What does race, racism, colorism mean? What are microaggressions?

History: Where did racism come from, and how does it differ around the world?

Words: How is racism often encoded in the words that we use and the assumptions that we make when we talk to people?

The influence of Pop culture / media - negative and positive

How racism affects mental health?

Racism in institutions: schools, workplaces, congregations

Stories of 'allyship'

Action and accountability

How we can start making small changes today

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Each film will be accompanied by relevant discussion guides, tip sheets, resources and a series of exercises to help institutions move towards racial harmony. In addition there will be a RACE series - 10-15 minute long 'chapters' which will tackle specific questions. These will be available to watch on-demand, for individuals and groups at our main iNDIEFLIX streaming hub, and will be a resource for ongoing education, enlightenment and positive change.


Filming is exhausting and exhilarating, and we're excited to share more updates as we continue this journey! We're still on track to have RACE in previews by the end of the year, and available for community screenings from late January, 2022. Please sign up to receive our periodic (< once a month) updates

RACE UpdatesOur 'first look' for RACE gives a great preview of the tone and areas that we will cover. Please click the image below to watch, or just click here


In the meantime, all the best from Scilla and the crew. Next stop, New York!

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