Dad Rules for Father's Day

by Gerry Waters, on Jun 17, 2021 10:39:07 AM

Happy Father's Day to all! To celebrate, we've got some classics on hand, so whether you're looking for deadbeat dad, dangerous dad or disastrous dad, we've got you covered. The one thing that all of these fathers have in common is huge love for their kids... no matter how they choose to show it.

Take a sneak peek at each of the films:

The Hero Pose

Sometimes, dads need their children to help them uncover the hero within. The Hero Pose is a beautifully shot and acted story how just how wonderful a child's perspective, boredom, a rickety front porch and hot chocolate can be.


Day with Dad

Speaking of boredom, can anyone recall how boring it can be to have to go to work with dad? After the first 10 minutes there is literally nothing to do!  This boy obviously feels that even life with a professional hit-man father is just soooo dull in Day with Dad.


The Nostalgist

Steampunk extravaganza The Nostalgist takes a father on the ultimate quest to save his son. Flitting back and forth between eras and genres, this is a visual delight and gripping, surreal tale that shows what a father will do to protect the person he loves the most.



Ah yes, love, fatherhood, support. What if you're really not very good at it. and despite the very best of intentions, everything you try to do for your daughter ends up turning all that she treasures to ruins? Find out with Gold, an offbeat Irish comedy about trying just a little too hard.



And finally, 'dik'. How well do fathers know and understand their young children? How well do children know the difference between 'b' and 'd' when they're learning to write? And just how much can this turn a stable, happy family upside down? Irreverent, clever and very funny, indulge in this Australian gem for a few minutes and celebrate what good parents you are!

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Happy watching and happy Father's Day!