An Interview with Director of April Skies -  Pascal Payant

by Cicely Hunscher, on Apr 21, 2023 9:56:55 AM

We're incredibly honored to introduce Pascal Payant, an incredible movie director from Montreal, Canada, whose newest film, April Skies, is coming soon to iNDIEFLIX!

In honor of this release, we conducted a casual interview with writer and director Pascal Payant to discuss his creative writing and directing process. We also talked about how he overcomes challenges on set while in the middle of filming, what it’s like to shoot a movie all around the world, and one of our favorites, what indie guérilla style is, and why he picks that style over any other. 


April Skies tells three stories based in three European countries, with three sets of people and languages. These stories eventually intertwine into the same tragedy. What is that tragedy? We can’t say - you’ll have to watch to find out!