• James Li

    I must admit, this film is one of my favorites. I have shared it many times with friends and relatives. There is such fine acting. Superb in fact. The timing is apropos-- for the times we are living in. Why not stop to consider the message this film sends so strongly? We have to understand first, take it in, accept then apply love and forgiveness. Only then, can we have hope for the future and peace for the soul. Jimmy Li from Brooklyn NY USA

    • Kristina.S.77442618

      As a Christian, I have a BIG issue that the Catholic church is used as THE face of Christianity. If someone want's to know God, His Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit, and know how to live, then one must delve deeper. Get a basic understanding of the Old Testament (Torah), and the New Testament (Christianity). It's also important to understand how Christianity changed from those who first followed Christ to the numerous denominations today. Not all Christianity is created equal. If you want to know if someone truly is a follower of Jesus Christ, check their actions against what He taught. Not that there are any perfect Christians - I'm certainly not one. But we can't judge entire religions on the actions of flawed people. We must look to the source. To be a follower of Christ is to follow HIM, allow His Word to transform us, and allow Him to work through us to reach out to a hurting world.

      • Movie Lover.F.23037903

        Seeing the cute little boy cry when his family left was heartbreaking. It is unfortunate in these cultures how parents can so easily trust to give up their children to be raised by people they barely even know. There have been reports of young boys in the monasteries being molested.