• AlexLaMarche

    Effects are great and I liked the ending, however I hated the concept and screenplay. "i have eight badges" was overused in a nine minute film. What is the game besides killing off Zombies?

    • maryellen.m

      I am seeing this with fresh wonder. To me, I see lots of great stuff, but two points really hit home. One is the font used for the in between "slides with dialogue" that have the Nuveau, Talouse Leutrec-sp? like font -- the likeness TL used on his posters was the 'Font of the Day'. I don't know how to explain what seeing that does, to see an old font used Real Time, not just for effect! Cool stuff ... for anyone adult in the early 80s, remember the Key West font for example?? and You know, along with the Mimosa glasses shaped like a bulb? These Styles that define an era/decade. Going so far back it was a visual wonder to me. And then, life wasn't cushy and soft around the edges. People matured younger than our sheltered by choice, soft suburban upbringing = compared to the mannerisms and clearly more mature or "wordly" of life's hardships kind of way about them. You certainly won't be seeing any Fast Times of Ridgemont High ridiculously misspent youth mentatlity. Sorry Mr. Sean Penn. I don't know what exactly I am trying to express other than I thought I wouldn't relate to any of this film, but seeing a 97-ISH year old silent movie, I realize how important film is to us as people. It is a documentation of real time events of the era portrayed. It is worth watching for that alone. And oh, there is some very Picasso-esque frescos that are quite stunning . .. hmmmm 1920. so long ago. but I will take that over Seinfeld whiny or Larry David beyond whiny bullcrap ANYTIME!!!