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RACE Filming


Examining the effects of racism on our mental health

Coming January 2022

A documentary film and series addressing the impact of race and racism on mental health and how we can collectively move towards and support racial healing.

RACE will examine the systemic inequalities of race, and how our unconscious biases continue to perpetuate the situation. It will include strategies and tips to check ourselves and others and to push for change, so that in communities and as a society we can move forward with greater, sustainable equality.

RACE will be released late January 2022 for community screenings. Sign up below if you'd like to receive occasional updates.

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Meet the Filmmaker

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Scilla Andreen
Co-Founder and CEO of iNDIEFLIX, Author, Film Director and Producer

Scilla is a film industry veteran. She is an award-winning producer, director and Emmy-nominated costume designer. She co founded IndieFlix Group which streams content for independent thinkers and founded IndieFlix Foundation to support underserved schools to access mental health programs. She  sits on the advisory board of Seattle Interactive Conference, The Film School, Women in Film and serves on the board of Z-Cares foundation.  She is a popular speaker, juror and champion of diverse voices. Some of her projects include,  Empowerment Project, Nevertheless, Screenagers, Angst, LIKE, The Upstanders and now RACE. Scilla's hope is to use film to make the world a better place.

Scenes from RACE

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