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Thank you so much for your interest in helping to get ‘Content for a Purpose’ out in the world!

We could not do what we do, or reach the people who need help without this support. The Indieflix Foundation raises money for two main causes:

  • To help underwrite the significant production costs involved in making our new film, ‘RACE’. You’ll receive news updates from the road, and an invitation to the film premiere in October 2021!
  • To sponsor screenings of our Mental Health Trilogy for underserved and unnoticed communities, who tend to suffer from far higher mental health impacts than the general population. We’ll work with you on location and community, and you’ll be named and thanked at the beginning of the screening.

Your donation can:

Help students in underserved communities address mental health issues.

The Mental Health Trilogy is designed to deal with some of the biggest stressors in our lives, which have become even more pronounced due to COVID-19. The films are Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety, LIKE, which breaks down social media addiction and The Upstanders, which focuses on strategies to overcome cyber-bullying.

Help us complete our current film, RACE.

RACE will help us all become more aware of the systemic inequalities of race, and how our biases continue to perpetuate the situation. It will include strategies and tips to check ourselves and others and to push for change, so that together we can shift the historic and continuing imbalances.