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System of Units

  • 21 mins
  • 92%
  • All Ages
  • Canada FlagCACanada
  • 2004
  • Foreign
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Many years from now: The world is entirely online. Super computers are fused with human minds, connecting people around the world in a vast digital labyrinth called the network. In this virtual world, verbal communication has become obsolete, eliminating the need to speak with one another. The simple concepts of art, emotion and even love have vanished. Life exists online, with the network providing the only legitimate form of existence. At the heart of the story is Messing, a man infatuated with a Girl, though frustrated by his desire to communicate directly with her. He secretly studies the old ways of speech and communication, as a means of understanding his very human desires. As his actions become increasingly dangerous, he is forced to make a choice: to remain forever trapped within the bleak online world of the network; or embrace his emotions, at great risk of disconnection and segregation from the network.