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Somewhere in Dreamland

  • 253 mins
  • 95%
  • All Ages
  • 2003
  • Animations
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A poor boy and girl in rags gather wood in the snow. They pass by a tailor, a butcher and a baker, all of whom pity the children. Later, they arrive home. Their poor mother sets before them the only food she can: some stale bread. The children cheerfully dunk the bread in their glasses of water. After eating, the boy tells his mother he's still hungry. She weeps into her apron, and the boy declares that he was only fooling. The children go to bed, covering themselves in blankets that have more holes than cloth. They sing that they'll meet each other in Dreamland, and they do. In Dreamland, clothes grow on trees. Ice cream cones grow like cornstalks, while the lilies helpfully pour on the chocolate syrup. Everywhere they find popcorn and candy and cake. But nice clothes and full stomachs are only a dream. Or are they?