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Quality Indigo

  • 115 mins
  • 85%
  • 17+
  • United Kingdom FlagGBUnited Kingdom
  • 2005
  • Action & Adventure
  • Foreign
  • Thrillers

Essex crime king-pin Don Paice crashes into depression after the death of his wife, during a criminal deal gone wrong. Deciding that he has nothing left worth living for he hires a hitman to dispose of himself, declaring that he plans to take a hold of his own destiny again by pin-pointing the day of his own death. Paice’s right-hand stooge then reveals that his dying wife let slip a secret on her death bed. Paice has a son he knows nothing about - a boy who was given to another family 17 years ago. On hearing this he has a change of heart about his fate. However, the hitman has already been paid off in full and has been commanded to do the job no matter what - ironically by Paice himself.