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  • 22 mins
  • 94%
  • 12+
  • United States of America FlagUSUnited States of America
  • 2012
  • Dramas

Injured U.S. Infantryman Daniels awakes in a strange environment - the home of Iraqi civilian Hassan and his son Jabir. Daniels is injured, having been blown from the turret of his Humvee by an IED, and even though Hassan and Jabir just want to help him, Daniels can't stop the hatred in his heart. It's a hatred of all Arabs and all Muslims, born out of his ignorance of their culture and further cultivated by being a solider in an ugly war. But when the insurgents come looking for Daniels, it becomes clear to him that Hassan has risked the safety of his own son in order to save Daniels' life - for no other reason than that it was the right thing to do. Hiding together in the dark as the insurgents search for Daniels, the two men from opposite sides of the war realize they have more in common than either could have thought. With his perspective now shifted, Daniels' hate cannot resist the truth he now sees with his own eyes. Realizing the danger to his new friends, Daniels strikes out on his own in a bid to make it back to his base. Wearing the clothes of his 'enemy' to avoid detection, Daniels truly must walk a mile in the other man's shoes for his heart to permanently leave hate behind.