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OFW: New Heroes or Mad Heroes

  • 19 mins
  • 70%
  • 12+
  • Philippines FlagPHPhilippines
  • 2006
  • Cult

This is the story of an ‘Overseas Filipino Worker’ in Saudi Arabia missing his family back home; a “new hero” as tagged by the government. How he struggles from the monotony of the evenings of his stay until he finishes the contract. The story focuses on the most challenging experience of a stranger working in a strange land, how he battles with nostalgia. That’s the grim part of his evenings alone in a room. He is sleepless: lying on a bed disturbed by the ticking of the clock that breaks the silence; sitting and walking around as the evening deepens; wishing he can at least rest for tomorrow’s activity. Misery has taken its toll. Yet it’s perpetually forbidding. Emotion deepens and reaches its peak. He argues with himself. His conscience defends his being away because of the underpaid job in his country. While his ego encourages him to go home and enjoy life with his family, being self-reliant instead of relying on the government.