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Nausica and the Odyssey

  • 50 mins
  • 90%
  • All Ages
  • Italy FlagITItaly
  • 2009
  • Documentaries
  • Foreign

Shortly before his death in June 1902, Samuel Butler expressed the wish to donate to his dear town, Trapani, the manuscript of his book "The Authoress of the Odyssey," in recognition of the fact that the city gave birth to the immortal poem "The Odyssey." He asked for this delivery to his closest collaborator, Henry Festing Jones, who gave extensive description of the delivery of manuscript in his diary entitled "Journey in Sicily on the footsteps of Butler." The manuscript is in possession of the library Fardelliana of Trapani since over a century, and it’s from here the beginning of the journey. The story spread across two parallel planes, one of the places and one of the testimonies, which directly and indirectly Butler has inscribed in the memory of the people who were Involved in various ways by "The Authoress of the Odyssey." Without entering into philological dispute, Simona Malato (actress of Trapani) will lead us along a fascinating journey, which also reveals something more of Trapani and its surroundings. The territory is the background to the events of Ulysses and Nausica, Trapani, which becomes first Scheria, finally with Marettimo, Ithaca.