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Manatalya Manat

  • 48 mins
  • 70%
  • All Ages
  • India FlagINIndia
  • 2009
  • Cult
  • Foreign

Father Roberto Rodrigues is a middle-aged Priest, who has devoted his entire life for services to God Almighty. He is well-educated, having deep affection and interest in Marathi literature which is why he joins M.A. through he meets a vibrant, innocent, very outspoken and intelligent young lady in Amol Chitnis who has her own views and perspective about human life. In the course of time, Father gets emotionally involved and inclined towards Amol. He developes liking towards her though Amol on her part is totally unaware about this. She mixes with him freely, walks with him innocently and also cares for him. Amol for that matter has a boyfriend of her own. Story gets unfolded to a surprise twist when Father overcomes his fatherly attitude and decides to propose Amol. Whether Father surrenders to his emotional cling and so proposes to Amol,Whether Amol accepts his proposal? What happens to her boyfriend? To get to all this answers, you need to watch this very emotional,cinematic presentation ‘Manatalya Manat’ where poetry is in the backdrop, beautiful nature is in bounty and display of great acting is on screen. This songless movie ,however, rich in poetry adapted from the eminent Marathi poets. The film is also beautiful choreographed with superb visuals effects. Beautiful nature is bountiful in the film which an asset of the film. With rich production values, natural flow of acting from all the lead players,beautiful locations and poetic treatment to scenes, the film, surely will be a delight to watch a wholesome family affair.