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Made in India?

  • 56 mins
  • 95%
  • All Ages
  • India FlagINIndia
  • 2008
  • Documentaries

Meet Deepti Paul. She is 27 years old – Indian – and it’s time to get married. That’s what her parents and extended family think. It doesn’t matter that Deepti grew up American and is currently living on her own in New York City, happy and independent. Her family believes that Deepti’s only chance at lasting happiness lies in marrying a South Indian Orthodox Syrian Christian male. And of course, every relative knows just the right guy for her. And guess what- she has consented to go to India and give their traditional values a chance. But only on one condition –she gets to document the entire process.Will Deepti learn how to bridge the gap between her two cultural lives? Will she resist her traditions, culture, and family? Or, will she finally know what it takes to be Made in India?