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Long khong (Art of the Devil II)

  • 103 mins
  • 80%
  • 17+
  • Thailand FlagTHThailand
  • 2005
  • Foreign
  • Horror

The follow-up to the nerve-twisting 2004 Thai original, ART OF THE DEVIL 2 chronicles the horrifying exploits of a seductive elementary school teacher named Miss Panor. Captivated by her beauty and desperate to win her heart, several of the village men simultaneously cast a love spell on her. But that many spells is too much for one woman to handle, and Miss Panor soon begins to lose her grip on reality. When an Indian Witch doctor prescribes a diet of human flesh, Miss Panor plunges even deeper into the darkest corners of witchcraft. With the help of six of her former students, Miss Panor must tempt fate in order to take revenge on the lust-driven madmen who drove her to the edge of sanity.