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Let Me Out

  • 90 mins
  • 70%
  • 12+
  • United States of America FlagUSUnited States of America
  • 2009
  • Cult

Aspiring filmmaker and techno-geek Joe Lebow films himself begging the viewer to listen to his story, suspend disbelief, and help him! Bizarre turns of events are taking place in his life, and each time, a man dressed all in yellow is nearby, and not far from him is a film crew. Debbie, Joe's fiancé, claims to no longer love him, and, shockingly, claims she never did. While shaving, he notices a glow coming from a hole in the bathroom wall abutting the apartment next door. He returns with his camera, but the glow and the hole are gone. He believes the "Yellow Man" to be his fiancé's new boyfriend. Joe loses his job, and the next day notices a Help Wanted ad circled in his just-opened newspaper. He calls the number in the ad, and is invited to work as an assistant for a well-known director – whom he never meets. When he shows up on the job, he finds ... nothing. No one is there and the place seems half-constructed. His first task is to call a set designer and tell them to move things along. The next day, the office is in much better shape, and he is congratulated for his success with the set designer. His next job is to call an actress's agent and tell him the actress is expected in make-up, since her screen test is at sundown that night. That evening, during a perfect sunset, he meets Rhonda, literally the girl of his dreams. An actress, Rhonda claims to currently be auditioning for an important role, but she won't say in what.