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Les Formidables

  • 118 mins
  • 92%
  • 17+
  • South Korea FlagKRSouth Korea
  • 2008
  • Action & Adventure
  • Foreign
  • Thrillers

Inspector Sung-Woo is a strung out cop, fed up with life. His wife left him years ago and his only child is in the hospital needing an operation that Sung-Woo can't pay for. To make matters worse he left his partner alone while on a stake out and his partner died that night.Meanwhile, the police arrests Su-Hyun who they believe may have killed the police officer. Su-Hyun is framed for another crime that he didn’t commit and manages to escape once he is sent to the hospital. While making his escape, Su-Hyun takes a police officer as hostage. What Su-Hyun doesn’t realize is that the police officer takes, Sung-Woo, isn’t a typical police officer or hostage. Sung-Woo is suicidal and while fleeing from the hospital he drives the getaway car into an oncoming traffic in a suicide attempt. Su-Hyun manges to grab the steering wheel to avoid a direct collision, but their car gets hit by the train and flies into a nearby ditch. Su-Hyun, fearing that he may be accused for another murder, pulls Sung-Woo out of the burning car. From there they make an uneasy alliance: Sung-Woo helps Su-Hyun find the person responsible for setting him up and Su-Hyun will attempt to get the money that Sung-Woo needs to pay for his child’s liver transplant operation.