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The Leader #14

  • 109 mins
  • 70%
  • 12+
  • United States of America FlagUSUnited States of America
  • 2006
  • Cult

On The Leader #14: (1) Radical Cheerleaders-Lila Kitaeff, PepperSpray, 4:40 (2) Toxic Gardens-Patricia O'Brien, Rosa Rugosa Media, 10:51 (3) Working Voices #1- Randy Rowland, PepperSpray, 1:12 (4) Humanitarian Aid Is Never A Crime-Dale Roose, Pan Left, 4:00 (5) Spy On Me-Randy Rowland, PepperSpray 3:42 (6) The Politics Of Art-Patricia Boiko & Evan Briggs, PepperSpray, 8:05 (7) The Portable Classroom: War Monger-Terry Portinga, FVTV,0:23 (8) Katrina Revisited-PepperSpray & Guerilla News Network, 7:04 (9) My Country's Flag is Red Black & Blue-Patricia O'Brien, PepperSpray, 3:22 (10) Tips for Talking to Strangers-Fiona Otway/911 Media Media Arts, 6:24 (11) A Private Says "No"-Patricia Boiko, Pepperspray, 7:48 (12) Judas Goat-Randy Rowland, Pepperspray, 2:07 (13) Recruiters of Campus-Laura Dean, Pepperspray, 8:58, (14) November 2nd Student Walkout-Lila Kitaeff, Pepperspray, 10:18 (15) Radical Review: Why We Fight- Pepperspray, 22:50 (16) The Battle For America-Alrick Brown, 3:44