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Kiss of Vengeance

  • 21 mins
  • 83%
  • 17+
  • United States of America FlagUSUnited States of America
  • 2013
  • Action & Adventure
  • Horror

The crime in current day Mexico is out of control. A country governed by the Cartels. The people are protected by an outlaw, powerless army, controlled by a government that is corrupted at all levels. Its society in decay, Mexico has lost it's pulse. No one comes to help. No one can stop it. Justice is gone. Twenty years ago, times weren't much different, however cartel violence was more sporadic. If you had problems with them, perhaps it was only a case being at the wrong place at the wrong time. And that’s exactly what happened to Aldo, a motorcycle acrobat who travels from town to town with her wife Alisa, and their daughter Lola. They were known as the “Red Riders” and their show was incredible, very dangerous motorcycle acrobatics playing with fire inside a metal cage with the shape of a sphere. On one of those trips, Aldo met an innocuous looking man wearing a Cowboy hat. however this man was part of a Mexican Cartel and he was interested in using Aldo’s truck to transport drugs and weapons from Mexico to USA. Aldo couldn't refuse to do it, if he wanted to keep his family alive. The gangsters started loading the truck and began the first trips with success. After half a year of crossing the border, carrying the merchandise and running with all the risks, Aldo heard rumors that the Cartel killed other drivers after six months of using them. He decided to get away and hide with a truck full of money, drugs and weapons. The family was on the run, hiding from town to town, changing from motel to motel, until the inevitable happened. What happened that day in that motel was the trigger that blew up the bomb. It was the birth of a new hero, a vigilante destined to fight against the Mexican mafia, driven by a thirst for revenge. Just exactly the kind of hero this country needed.