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Injustice - Episode 3

  • 48 mins
  • 98%
  • 12+
  • United Kingdom FlagGBUnited Kingdom
  • 2011
  • Dramas

Will focuses on the missing computer from Martin Newell's hotel room. The hotel maid recalls seeing a laptop computer in the room and another hotel guest remembers seeing Martin in the elevator. The dead woman had made several calls from her phone the day she died and there is a reference to Agadir, in her notepad. Martin speaks to his bosses at work and they seem to be most concerned about what was on his missing computer. DI Mark Wenborn looks into Philip Spaull's background and learns that Will Travers was his barrister when he was charged in a bombing incident two years ago. He also learns that Will fell seriously ill after successfully defending him. Wenborn has his own problems when his wife is arrested for shoplifting. Jane Travers meanwhile may have found a publisher for one of her student's stories. The publisher wants to know why the boy is in prison and Jane sets off to check into his background.