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George the Hedgehog

  • 80 mins
  • 79%
  • 12+
  • Poland FlagPLPoland
  • 2011
  • Animations
  • Comedies
  • Foreign

George the Hedgehog is a humanised hedgehog who likes to party, drink beer and spend time with girls – and that’s how all his days look like away from all kinds of problems. The hedgehog’s easy way of life attracts a mad scientist and his greedy assistant who violently put him out of action thanks to help from local skinheads. The crazy scientist and his assistant create a disgusting clone of George and promote him to a national hero and popculture idol. Controlling the clone they hope to gain financial profit and political power. Supported by his prostitute friend, the original George has to learn that living an independent life doesn’t come easily. He must defeat the clone and the rest of evil-doers before his final humiliation during the spectacle at the stadium... although he would just prefer having another beer.