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Generation Why

  • 116 mins
  • 70%
  • 12+
  • Canada FlagCACanada
  • 2009
  • Comedies
  • Dramas

A group of disenfranchised young people fighting through the confusion and uncertainty of the time after high-school decide to remove themselves from all their responsibilities and concerns in order to take time to introspect and figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. What starts as a genuine effort to discover themselves soon becomes an unstoppable wave of apathy that sweeps up an entire generation of young people, crippling the service industry and educational institutions in the city. While an entire generation wallows in their worst traits, they are shocked back into reality by a tragic accident that occurs as the result of their actions, and everything slowly returns to normal. But has this group learned anything or had any of their questions answered? Do they now know what to do with themselves and how to do it? Or they forever doomed to a life of doubt and questions with no answers? Recent winner of a Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival, the Independent Critic says that Generation Why “Nicely blends dry, witty humor with light drama and rather serious social insights into a heartfelt, intelligent story.”