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Film 101

  • 88 mins
  • 85%
  • 12+
  • United States of America FlagUSUnited States of America
  • 2005
  • Comedies

The narrative feature 'Film 101' follows Kevin, a student filmmaker embarking on his thesis project. The process’s incredible toll transforms him from a starry-eyed virgin into someone who realizes the costs of pursuing a vision. This Jackson Heights dreamer pays his dues in blood, sweat… and improperly loaded film. It’s the last semester of college as our protagonist gears up to shoot his thesis project: ‘X-factor,’ an action short and 'definitely not the usual boring character study.' Envisioning his tale of Mafia goons, sexy FBI agents, and 'artistic' shower scenes opening Hollywood doors, Kevin has already sold out before having anything to sell. Creating as many obstacles as they overcome, the director and his equally inexperienced crew unconsciously make sure that everything that could go wrong does. Film 101 is more about what NOT to do when taking your first steps into film. During production Kevin deals with self and peer doubts, family disapproval, desire, and his own worst enemy – a huge ego. As goes the captain, so goes the ship, X-Factor’s cast and crew also experience a range of emotions, drama, and a bit of serendipity amidst humorously harsh realities. Somewhere along this ill-fated path, Kevin discovers his voice and the possibility he may end up a storyteller with something meaningful to day. The film documents expectations dashing against reality; and highlights the realization process all first time filmmakers experience. Film 101 is ultimately about learning from your mistakes and killing your ego but saving your vision.