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Dance With Joe

  • 6 mins
  • 70%
  • 12+
  • Ireland FlagIEIreland
  • 2012
  • Arts

I think the first thing to bear in mind is that as Irish people, we are a miserable shower of fuckers to begin with. That whole 'Celtic Tiger' booming economy thing just didn't work; life was good, people had money, so there was a distinct lack of things to be moaning about. I have a theory that as a society we actually prefer recessionary times; our moaning is suddenly vindicated. So we moan, and we moan, and we moan......if we were any other nationality we would have taken to the streets by now in protest over the economic shafting we've taken. Greek-style, pure pro-active - dentists shooting themselves in the face to make a point. But we won't, because as long as we get our €188 free dole money every week and still have the cash for pints, we'll forever remain the bar-stool bitches of Europe. But in order to deal with this self-imposed misery, we have a very dark sense of humour. A coping mechanism. On a larger scale I think as a society that's what we've done, and that's how these miserable talk-radio shows flourish in Ireland. Plus we're all somewhat insane. We have such a tiny gene-pool that it's inevitable we'll have a way higher rate of mental illness. There is an old joke about why there are so many famous Irish's because we all hear voices in our heads!