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Colours of Blood

  • 14 mins
  • 40%
  • 17+
  • United Kingdom FlagGBUnited Kingdom
  • 2009
  • Arts

Featuring: 5 shades of red, 4 lovers, 3 erotic nightmares, 2 vampires, 1 snake. Horror magician Dr. Gore performs the art of splatter on stage to tackle his fear of blood. His lover Naz has a history of self-harming and plays with needles to turn him on. Tammy used to wear a penknife on a velvet ribbon around her neck. She still has scars from erotic bloodletting games with her ex-boyfriend. By day, Isis works in a hospital; by night, she's the bisexual queen of London's true vampires, a mentor to the newcomers, training them to drink blood and approving the donors -- the 'blood-dolls'. For her, blood has only one meaning: lunch!