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Clear Lake

  • 85 mins
  • 75%
  • 12+
  • Canada FlagCACanada
  • 2012
  • Comedies
  • Dramas

When uncommon storms change the path of migrating snow geese and the birds start landing across Clear Lake, young Jimmy and his Mom plan a daring trip to see them. But the storms also bring danger: Mom dies in a car accident and Dad is left severely injured. Twenty years later, Jimmy – a caregiver for his Dad, who uses a wheelchair – has resigned himself to living life safely and creating the world he longs for within the confines of his back yard. But just around the anniversary of his Mom's death, the strange storms return – and, again, they bring the snow geese with them. This may be Jimmy's last chance to see the awesome phenomenon of the migrating geese but as he begins to fly for the first time, everything conspires against him. Jimmy reconnects with childhood friends and together they find a way of escaping the dying town. However, he soon discovers that his over-protective father has ventured out again too and is the force sabotaging his efforts. In confronting him, Jimmy realizes that Dad cannot let go of the past and worse he blames Jimmy for the accident. Having laid old ghosts to rest, Jimmy finally sets off in the boat that will carry him to the geese but can he complete his journey before the weather changes and the geese move on, perhaps never to return? And can he overcome the final hurdle – his own guilt for the part he played in his parents' tragedy?