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Caught in the Game

  • 104 mins
  • 70%
  • 17+
  • Singapore FlagSGSingapore
  • 2009
  • Dramas

Lisa James thought she had it all with a handsome boyfriend, a great job and a hustle that kept the money flowing in. Until that one day fate walked into her office. Joshua even thought she wouldn’t admit it to her girls it was love at first sight when she seen him. Joshua wasn’t like her boyfriend Todd. He was fine, clean cut, very laid back and totally into her. While Todd was a fast paced drug dealer who was always looking for a come up. Even though Lisa loved Todd, she didn’t think that he had plans to marry her so she slipped right into Joshua’s life, who was looking for the perfect relationship. As her love with Joshua grew stronger, her hustle with Todd got sloppy. Turning Todd’s street money into legitimate finance using her connections in the real estate market, she had to stay on top of her game.