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Sharks in My Viewfinder

  • 52 mins
  • 85%
  • All Ages
  • Hungary FlagHUHungary
  • 2013
  • Action & Adventure
  • Documentaries

I do not know exactly how many times I had done it, but I do know that I have never been underwater without a camera. The camera is my constant diving companion. We have thousands of diving hours together. And we have been looking for sharks everywhere we went. We have been diving with whale sharks in Papua New Guinea, amongst great whites in South-Africa, alongside reef ones at the Red Sea; we were engulfed in the swirl of hammerheads near the Coconut Island on the Pacific, and made acquaintance with lemon and tiger sharks in the Caribbean. A hundred meters down below in a submarine, we even admired the life of deep-sea sharks. We have been around the world and our shark photography and films have received numerous awards both in Hungary and internationally. However, one thing kept coming back, troubling me. How come we can shamelessly slaughter these wonderful animals? How come we, humans, are wasting tens of millions of sharks every year? They are not the ones who are endangering us. It is of course us who wreak havoc on them. We wanted answers for these question so we decided to set out again with my friend and cameraman, Zsolt Sásdi. But in the end, what we had seen after travelling around the globe went beyond our wildest expectations.