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Our Mission

How iNDIEFLIX is changing the world through film.

iNDIEFLIX is on a mission to change the world through film.

We make, produce and support groundbreaking and award-winning documentaries that deeply examine some of the social issues we all grapple with in a highly engaging way, providing enlightenment, empathy and empowerment to change people’s perspectives and future actions.







School Screenings

Community Screenings

We believe in the importance of of shared experiences to encourage learning and empathy. All of our screenings are held in a community format, either in-person - in school auditoriums, community centers and corporate meeting spaces, or virtually - with everyone on their own devices, but watching and feeling at the same time

Panel Discussions

None of our films exist in a vacuum; they are accompanied by panel discussions, either arranged and moderated by us and including documentary participants and experts in the field, or run by the hosting organization with support from us. The transfer to virtual delivery has opened up the scope to provide extraordinary panellists on a regular basis

Q&A Sessions

The panel discussions are followed by interactive Q&A, either in person, or via virtual chat features.

Additional Resources

Our screenings come with:

  • Full virtual and printable promotion packets
  • Discussion guide
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Tip sheets and links to additional contacts and resources
  • Feed-back survey

Mental Health During COVID-19

In the past few months, the mental health impacts of Covid-19 have been extreme: Mental Health America reports a 634% rise in use of their online tool for anxiety and a 837% increase in those seeking information about depression, with those under the age of 25 particularly badly affected. Our Mental Health film trilogy is designed to particularly help this group with some of the biggest stressors of Covid.

Mental Health America reports:

634% rise in use of their online tool for anxiety
837% increase in those seeking information about depression

The Mental Health Trilogy

Each film comes with an 8-week curriculum and additional resources to help shift behavior around the learning and keep the conversation going.


8 week




Raising awareness around anxiety.

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Breaking down social media addiction.

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The Upstanders

Focusing on strategies to overcome cyber-bullying

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The conversation surrounding mental health really hits home for me. Many people don't understand how debilitating mental illness truly can be, and even more than that, how common it is, yet people are afraid to have the serious discussions about it. I welcomed the opportunity to be a part of Angst to further the dialogue around mental health and to help people understand the impact anxiety has on our mental state and encourage people, especially kids, to ask for help.

— MICHAEL PHELPS, Olympic Gold Medalist


Corporations and Schools That Have Screened with Us Include