• DougSpaeth

    I have just watched this thoughtful and very informative documentary and realized that I want everyone to see it, realizing how impactful it is in tellling the truth of the occupation and its devastating effects on Palestinians and even Israelis themselves. Americans especially will see where their tax dollars are going and will find it unsettling to say the least and even heartbreaking. Anna has done an amazing job at conveying this ongoing story of human rights abuse in the land that we call "Holy" where the contradiction is blatant and too long in righting itself.

    • Alfred.K

      Excellent account of the struggles of a small farmer by the son of a small farmer, one of thousands in France, who was destroyed by the so-called free enterprise system. Of course, the stalinists and maoists gave collective farming a bad name, but, ultimately, all farming will be done collectively.

      • iain.m

        This is a fascinating story, well-told. I was struck by the strength of character of the people involved the "simple' men and women who showed such fortitude and courage in the face of such a powerful terrifying state. An inspiration to us all.