• Kimberly.W.85494131

    Wonderful expose on his life, but rather disturbing. There was no warning in the description that two creatures, an elephant and a human, are showed being electrocuted. These two scenes are gruesome and shocking, and I am ashamed that they would be shown to the public in an educational format without some form of warning to those strongly affected by such images.

    • Namo

      This reminds me of my mom, because she refuses to update her ipad. I asked her why not, it is a good thing, you will be more up-to-date and it will be better than before. Then she tells me, but that's just it, I'm happy with how it is, why change that.

      • Movie Lover.F.44102280

        Interesting that a PBS documentary on Cuba is Geoblocked by the owner so I can't watch it in my region of the USA? So do I have to go to Communist Cuba to watch it?

        • Mark.A.97311676

          Great documentary about a true genius, whose theories & inventions weren't profit motivated but for the betterment of mankind. Hugely ripped off by Marconi and Edison (he who denied that alternating current was the future or would even work) and also had US government backing. Many Tesla inventions are taken for granted today and wrongfully attributed to Ed. or Mar. That is shameful.