• ZsuzsaHortoninski

    I really enjoyed this film. It did a great job of navigating messy mother/daughter relationships; the over arching theme of "nothing special" resonates with so many women. We undervalue the importance of our lives; we view our successes through the lens of comparison. Great to see a film written and directed a woman!

    • elisabethbankhead

      Great documentary about what recovery is really about. Though I lived in Portland for years, I didn't know that this program existed. The people who began this program are amazing, yet a 70% recovery rate. I wonder how how the usual recovery programs are. And yes, the editing was horrible; poor lighting and choppy. A must see into the true process of recovery.

      • danielbronson

        The tricky double-standard of being a super power is that your enemies can suicide bomb women and children while you cannot be too rough with prisoners lest you be demonized...funny really, like the Knuckles comic! Everybody likes to root for the underdog, it's human nature, the big bully better play fair! But it's war, and no one is playing fair.

        • jallen

          Okay interesting piece, but I am a skeptic. Sometimes depression hinders you from leaving your house. There is a huge black fog that hovers over you that prevents you from performing day to day activities. You may be able to maintain some but it at bare minimum. I was surprised to see this guy out in the city, in various spots, suffering from depression. I guess everyone is different.