• Vincent.B.67

    I thought it was well done. I found it interesting to watch how the experience changed the fashion bloggers as the documentary progressed. They will never really know what it is like to be a factory worker, because for them this was only temporary. But it certainly shows the audience that there is a high cost to our cheap fashion.

    • Movie Lover.F.23037903

      Seeing the cute little boy cry when his family left was heartbreaking. It is unfortunate in these cultures how parents can so easily trust to give up their children to be raised by people they barely even know. There have been reports of young boys in the monasteries being molested.

      • oCAWo

        There's one worthwhile moment, and it's when the second woman walks across a meadow as the clouds shift, at the 15 minute mark. The rest of the time, the music is disconnected and the subjects don't seem focused.

        • oCAWo

          19:35, that's the moment.

        • John.M.53143777

          Always impressed with how someone in this type of predicament manages to figure out the way forward. Towards the end it just dawned on me that it started feeling more like a promotional video for the organization than a documentary about the person but it was a cool film either way. Glad I watched it.

          • Movie Lover.F.68972857

            As a child I couldn't believe. That Mr. Rogers the character was real. But I learned from watching this story. How he impacted many peoples lives. And his character Mr. Rogers was not an act. He was just using his true personality. Glad I watched.